Centralized DataPower® Monitoring & Troubleshooting

We are all aware of the value that the IBM® DataPower® range brings to business; however, to fully realize these benefits, you must ensure that your DataPower® machines are operating optimally and meeting business SLA.
MonTier is a non-intrusive, completely asynchronous, and highly scalable tool for the centralized monitoring and troubleshooting of all your DataPower® devices. It was designed to solve real-world problems defined by DataPower® experts in concert with customer input and requirements.
As a DataPower®-centric tool, MonTier has an intimate understanding of every aspect of DataPower® operation. It enables you to gain real-time visibility of DataPower® operational and performance aspects as well as statistics, historical analysis, trends, alerts, reports, and more. With the ability to drill-down to the detailed logs of every transaction and follow cross-device transactions, MonTier gives you a comprehensive overview of all your DataPower® devices.

IBM® DataPower® Operations Dashboard

MonTier’s solution for monitoring and troubleshooting DataPower® Gateway is now available also via IBM®.
Read more in IBM® DataPower® Operations Dashboard Announcement Letter (May 19th, 2016)
Or watch IBM® DataPower® Operations Dashboard Webcast (June 16th, 2016)

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Complete Transaction Details

Access all information about transactions (even cross-machine transactions), including services/domains/devices info, status, times, network latency, payload size and content, complete log entries audit, and more.

Dashboards, Scheduled and Ad-Hoc Reports

Utilize an extensive range of dashboards displaying data about usage, errors, performance, security, and resources, as well as receive scheduled and ad-hoc Excel reports directly to your email Inbox.

Search for Everything

Utilize blazing fast full-text search to quickly and easily locate any transaction within DataPower® transaction history and any object within DataPower® configuration, using any combination of filters (device, domain, service, time, message, status, and more).

Real-Time Vitality Alerts

Receive real-time email alerts when one of your services or back-end servers becomes unavailable.

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